Making a Will is the only way to give long-term protection to your family and assets.

Without a Will the potential value of a families’ inheritance can be reduced and additional costs associated with the inheritance may be created.

Making a Will is the only way to put you in control. It spells out your wishes in the clearest terms and avoids any costly and time-consuming disagreements, giving you the peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out.

Nobody can afford to put off writing a Will.

Without a valid Will and careful inheritance planning…

  • Your husband, wife or partner may not automatically inherit your property and possessions.
  • Guardianship of children under 18 may be unclear, leaving the courts to decide their welfare and who looks after them.
  • Your home may not ultimately pass to your chosen beneficiaries.
  • Your family could be liable for a 40% tax bill on whatever exceeds £325,000 of your estate.
  • The task of carrying out your wishes may fall upon a person who is unsuitable for such responsibilities, or they may turn to a solicitor who will deduct a fee from the estate.
  • A special gift, intended for a child, grandchild, friend or charity might not reach them.
  • The people who are precious to you could suffer unnecessary distress and delay.

To help you find the information you need, we have created a free Guide to Wills, which covers all aspects of preFailing to make a valid Will means that in the event of your death, it is the laws of intestacy that govern ‘who gets what’.

Without a Will, your wishes could be completely ignored.

However, with a Will you control what happens. Your Will spells out your wishes in the clearest terms and avoids any unpleasant or costly arguments.

WSL has a dedicated team of experts who are geared to producing the documents you need.

Here are some good questions to ask if you are still wondering if now is the right time to prepare your Will…

How Will My Family Be Provided For?

Without a Will your spouse may not inherit everything, and may be left to cope with the distress and delays of intestacy. If anything happened to you both, the guardianship of your children would be out of your hands.

Will My Children from my Previous Marriage Inherit?

Unless you write a Will to structure your assets appropriately, children from previous relationships may never inherit as you intended.

We’re Not Married, Will My Partner Inherit?

Without a Will the law will treat you as though you are single, and your partner would receive nothing. You may also be liable for inheritance tax.

What Happens Now We’ve Separated?

Without a Will you may unintentionally leave your property and all your assets to an estranged spouse or partner.

Who Will Look After My Children?

Without a Will, guardianship of children under 18 may be unclear, leaving the courts to decide on their welfare.

Who Will Administer My Estate?

Without a Will, the Court will assign an Administrator to deal with your estate.

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